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3811 Series 3819Z Series 1300 Series 2030 Series
Full Size Mortise w/ Superior Spring Structure & Stainless Steel Front Plate, Latch, & Bolt. For Doors minimum 1-3/8" thick. Excellent for use in Heavy Traffic Areas, Engine Rooms& Exterior Doors.
As the 3811 Series
only with a longer
19mm Latch to meet
Coast Guard
& Fire Rated
Door Standards.

Our NEW 1300 Series
Offers a Complete Set for
Interior & Exterior Doors.
Available in: Key Locking, Privacy & Passage

Functions, at extremely competitive pricing.

A Great Economical Line of Complete Sets available in Key Locking, Privacy & Passage Functions.

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Locks - Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel




3811 Series

Available in 3 Functions:
Z - Key Locking (uses Profile Cylinder)
WC - Privacy (Locks from Inside -

Emergency Release Outside)
F - Passage / Closet - Lever Action only (not shown).


Mortises have 9mm Hub for Levers
(also available with 8mm on request for use with different Levers).







3 Styles of Standard Plates
6645 - 6643 - 3343 are available in all 3 Functions Z / *WC /F
*WC Plates are available with or w/out the Red / Green Indicator Window.


Plates have 75mm Centers.









Brushed Stainless Concealed Mount Roses.*

*not mfd by Schwepper.


341017 & 341004 available in Polished Finish upon request.


35156 has a Steel Spindle.


2210 w/ 6645Z-75












2210 Levers with 9mm
Stainless Steel Spindle.


Available in Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel.





6610 w/ 3343Z





6610 Levers w/ 9mm Spindles

Hollow Lever - Brushed Stainless Steel Finish only.

(Shown here with the 3343Z Plate).







Suitable for Fire Rated Doors & US Coast Guard Approved


3819Z has a 19mm 1- Piece Latch for use on Fire Rated Doors.
It is available in the Z (Key Locking) Function only, but can be used with F Plates also.


It is available in a 55mm & 65mm Backset (the 65mm Backset has a
longer Faceplate)


May be used with Plates, Roses, & Levers as shown above.

1300 Series

Come as Complete Sets in Brushed Stainless Steel only (see 1300 Brochure).

1301 have 1-Piece Latches.


1311 have 3-Piece Anti -Vibration Latches.


Spring Action, rounded, hollow Levers attached to Door Plates.

Set includes 5626SP as shown below.

Profile Cylinder for Key Locks










Mortise & Strikes are Handed - Left or Right


The 2030 Series is a great economical line of Marine Grade Locks.

They come in Complete Sets for all 3 Functions: Key Locking (2035Z), Privacy (2037WC) & Passage (2031F).

The Locks, Strikes, & Door Plates are Stainless Steel and the Levers are Chrome Plated Brass.

Please note: the Profile Cylinder that comes with the 2035Z does contain some steel springs so over time it will rust if used in a marine / exterior environment.

This Profile Cylinder (3977) can be changed out for the fully Marine Grade 1407 Profile Cylinder.


3977* Profile Cylinder
Standard Length 53mm with Knob & 3 Keys.

* Contains steel pins, which can rust over time in a marine/exterior environment.


3-Piece Anti-Vibration Latch