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Z - Locking Doors - Key Outside, Thumb Turn Inside (also available Key Inside & Outside).
WC - Privacy for Bathroom (Head) or Stateroom – Thumb Turn Inside for Deadbolt.
F - Latch Only for Passage Way / Closets.
Bit Key - Traditional Style Bit Key (Skeleton Key) – Key Hole Both Sides.
MPCH - Polished Chrome (Machine Polished Chrome).
MMCH - Matte Chrome Finish (Machine Matte Chrome).
MP - Polished Brass (Machine Polished) Brass is not coated & will tarnish over time.
SN - Satin Nickel.
STST - Stainless Steel (Brushed Finish).
PST - Polished Stainless Steel.


Please use the Chart Below to Determine the Hand of your Door:



The Plate of the Mortise Lock that shows on the edge of the Door.



The square Hub where the Lever Spindle or Privacy Spindle goes through.


The Single or 3-Piece Latch that is retracted by the Lever to Open / Close the Door.


The Bolt below the Latch which locks the Door (Is thrown by a Key or Privacy turn).



Strike Plates

The Plate used on the Door Jamb for the Latch/ Deadbolts to Fit / Strike against.

Brass & Stainless Steel

Spindles for Levers

Square Brass or Stainless Steel Spindles.

(Sometimes referred to as Bar Stock or Key Stock)

Sizes vary usually a 7mm, 8mm or 9mm is used for Levers.




Important Measurements for Installing / Replacing
Mortise Locks

A - Case Depth


B - Case Height:

C - Case Thickness:


D - Faceplate Width:


E - Faceplate Length:

F- Backset: Distance from Front of Faceplate to Center of Handle / Keyhole.


G - Centers - Distance between the middle of the Lever Hub, down to the middle of the Z or WC Hub.

Other Info


Levers & Door Plates - Will fit certain Locks dependant upon a couple of things.

Levers - Please check the Spindle size. Ours are 8mm or 9mm Spindles set on the square.
You will require 8mm or 9mm depending on which Lock you choose & the size of it's Lever Hub
Our Petite Mortises have 7mm Lever Spindles, also set on the square.

You may request an 8mm or 9mm Hub for our 4040 / 3200 / 3800 Series Mortises Locks

Door Plates (Escutcheons) - Will also change for different Locks. You will need to check the 'Centers'.
This is the measurement between the middle of the Lever Hole, down to the middle of the Key or Privacy Hole.

Our Full Size Locks usually have 60mm or 75mm Centers.

Roses / Rosettes - Are generally used for Thru-Bolting through a Mortise.
Some of the smaller or thinner Locks do not have Holes for Thru-Bolting (868, 968, 4040 Series).

We understand there are many things to be considered when putting all the items of your Lock together.
If you pick a particular lock or style of Plates / Levers, please feel free to call or email us
& we will ensure that you get all the correct / corresponding pieces, with the correct Centers / Spindle sizes etc., to make your Lock work.

Tel: 386-943-8857 or email: