1407 Sizing Chart (.pdf)


Our Profile Cylinders are completely non-ferrous - made of Brass with a Brass Actuator & Stainless Steel Springs. They are available in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin/Matte Chrome Finishes.


1407 Thumb Turn Cylinder

(shown here with 5502 Knob)


MPCH - Polished Chrome
MMCH - Matte Chrome
MP - Polished Brass


Our most popular model is the 1407 Knob Cylinder. Key outside and Thumb Turn inside. The 1407 comes with the 5602 Thumb Turn as standard. Other Thumb Turns are available upon request.


The shortest length Thumb Turn Cylinder available is the 1407 at 53mm (2 1/8") plus 25mm (1") for the 5602 Thumb Turn.


Profile Cylinders come in a variety of lengths. They extend in increments of 5mm each side.

The Key side only, the Knob side only, and offset either side (one side longer than the other).


1405 - Single Cylinder - (Key one side & Thumb Turn the other) Even or offset lengths.

Even length each side. For example: 1405-60 would be a 60mm length Cylinder 30mm each side (1405-70 = 35/35) (1405-80 = 40/40) etc.
Offset length each side. For example: 1405-30/45 would be 30mm one side 45mm the other (Key side is always the first measurement).


Keyed Cylinders come with 3 Keys as standard.


Extra Cut Keys, Blank Keys & Master Key Systems are available.



1410 Single (half) Cylinder

Key one side only. 1413 also available - Knob one side only.


1488 Double Cylinder
Keyed both sides.

1405 Sizing Chart (.pdf)