Surface Mounted Petite Rim Locks

Ideal for use on Doors less than 1" thickness.
Constructed from High Quality Brass & Marine Grade Stainless Steel.


The 928 / 5928 Series are available in 4 Functions and 3 Finishes.


ZK - Key Locking
FWC - Privacy
F - Passage
Skeleton / Bit Key


MPCH - Polished Chrome
MMCH - Matte Chrome
MP - Polished Brass


Rim Locks are Handed Left or Right and Inward or Outward Swing.

See Diagram Below.


928ZK 928WC 928F 928


























923 Strike Plate

Flat Strike Plate for ZK & Bit Key Outward Swinging Doors.


925 Strike Plate

Flat Strike plate for F & FWC, Outward Swing.


922 Strike Plate

Box Strike for ZK & Bit Key, Inward Swinging Doors.


924 Strike Plate

Box Strike F & FWC, Inward Swinging Doors.

3227Z Full Size Rim Lock

with Profile Cylinder.


3232 Full Size Rim Latch

Lever Function Only.


Available in:
MPCH - Polished Chrome
MMCH - Matte Chrome

3227Z 3232  

6645Z-75 Door Plate

For use with 3227Z.


6645F Door Plate

For use with 3232.


6645Z-75 6645F  


4410 Lever

with 9mm Brass Spindle.

Additional Levers & Plates Available